Choir & Orchestra Christmas Concert 2017

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Halloween Music in the classroom with Ms McMahon

Form 2(1) Vampires – Click here to hear our music.

Form 3 Face the Scariness – Click here to hear our music.

Form 3(1) Walking Dead – Click here to hear our music.

Form 4(1) Haunted House on the Hill – Click here to hear our music.




Music plays a major part in the life of our school. A specialist Music bugsyteacher provides Music lessons for each class for 45 minutes a week. These classes extend and link with our school musicals, choir, liturgical events and drama club.



We pride ourselves on our Junior School choir. It is organised and led by our Music teacher and rehearses before and after school throughout the school year. Each year our choir provides members to Dublin’s Palestrina Choir and other choirs throughout Dublin.

6th Class Musical
Each May the 6th class boys get to experience something of real theatre when the 6th class musical fills the corridors of the Junior School. The boys perform under the tutelage of a professional team including; Director, Choreographer, Musical Director, a small orchestra and a full team of lighting and sound technicians.
The Junior School orchestra has grown over the last 2 years. It consists of piano, cello, guitar, clarinet, trumpet, ukulele and drums. Ms McMahon conducts the orchestra once a week and they perform at the end of each term.