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Rhian Maguire


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Form 5.1  Under the careful guidance of Mrs Maguire these boys can reach both their academic and sporting potential.

Parent Information

Uniform for each day of the week

Monday – Uniform

Tuesday – Uniform

Wednesday – Tracksuit with rugby kit

Thursday – Tracksuit – PE

Friday – Uniform

Saturday – TBC


Weekend Fixtures

Please check calendar for fixtures TBC

Parent/Teacher Meetings


The parent teacher meetings for Form 5(1) will be held on the week of 9th November.
The boys will go home early on the following days:
Tuesday 10th – 12 noon.
Wednesday 11th – 12 noon
Thursday 12th – 1pm

Please return your times asap.
Thank you


Art in the Classroom


Some examples of our work.


Line Art











Origami Fish





Mayan Masks





Welcome to the new school year

 Weekly Activities

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – Rugby

Thursday – PE  & After School Rugby (3pm-4pm)

Friday – Music

FORM 5 & 5¹ BOOKLIST 2020

Print Version: Form 5 Book list 2020

Grow in Love 5th Class (Veritas)

Above the Clouds Stage 4 Book 1 & Portfolio Rainbow (CJ Fallon)
New Wave English in Practice 5th Class (Prim Ed)
Spell Well 5 (CJ Fallon)
Go with the Flow Cursive Handwriting G ( C J Fallon)

Master your Maths 5 (C J Fallon)
Busy at Maths 5 (C J Fallon)

Abair Liom G (Folens)
Fuaimeanna agus Focail 5 (Folens)
Leigh sa Bhaile E (C J Fallon)

S.E.S.E.(History, Geography & Science)
Small World Geography&Science 5th class
Text book only (C J Fallon)
Small World History 5th class
Text book only (C J Fallon)
Oxford School Atlas –(CJ Fallon)
(retain from last year)

12 x 88 Page Copies
6 X 7mm squares Maths Copies
2x 10mm Square sum copy
5 HB Pencils, 3 blue pens,2 black pens, 3 red pens
Packet of colouring Pencils
2 Pocket folders
Mathematical Instrument Set
Pritt Stick





Activities: Bizworld   On Thursday, April 28th Form 5 and 51 headed to the RDS. A group from Form 51 had earned a place, beating off entrants from all over Ireland, in the Bizworld finals. William, Sam, Gavin, Tom, Jack and Luke had come up with the concept of ‘Gymlets’ – a gym for children. The aim of Gymlets is to

  • fight the rising child obesity rates in Ireland,
  • foster a positive attitude towards exercise
  • to help children socialise through fitness related tasks.

photo 5(7) The boys, along with help from their classmates, had to come up with a business plan and budget in order to turn their business idea into a potential business. They also designed business cards and instructional posters to promote their business. In the RDS, the ‘Gymlets’ group had to present their concept to five dragon, that included Gavin Duffy of the Irish Dragon’s Den, as well as a large audience. On the day the boys did a fantastic job of presenting their business and answering question posed by the experienced panel of judges. photo 1(4) photo 2(7) photo 5 photo Well done boys!   Gallery Photos



Crystal Maze School Tour

What a fantastic day at the Crystal Maze outdoor adventure centre with over 100 physical, mental, skill and water-based challenges! The boys had an absolute ball (the glorious weather was an added bonus). Thank you to Mr. Owen for arranging the tour for the 5th classes, this one will definitely be hard to top! I’m sure there were a few tired heads last night. The river walk at the end went down a treat, check out the photos!





Click here for all the photos

Pupil of the Month Congratulations to Jack Galvin on winning the gold cup for April’s pupil of the month! Well done Jack, keep up the awesome work!


Jack Galvin

Easter Holidays I want to wish my boys a lovely, peaceful and fun-filled Easter break. I hope you all have a great two weeks off and safe travels to those who are going away! School will re-open Monday 9th April.   kalo-pascha-happy-easter-in-cyprus-439057

Pupil of the Month The gold cup for March’s pupil of the month goes to Joshua Grant! Well done Josh, keep up the terrific work and super enthusiasm. Have a lovely break!


Joshua Grant

St. Patrick’s Day Wishing all the boys a wonderful bank holiday weekend. Thank you to everyone who helped out with the cake sale today, the treats were delicious! I hope you all have a great St. Patrick’s Day! happy-st-patricks-day-images-cover-pictures-free-hd-wallpapers-download-online-image-5-optimised1 st-patricks-day  st-patricks-day-2 Click here to see the green photos    

Pupil of the Month Well done to Harry who won pupil of the month for February! Keep up the awesome work!


Harry Cooke

Mini Michelangelo’s! In Geography we are learning about Italy, so I decided to introduce the boys to two great Italian artists – Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. As a lover of art and History, I really enjoyed teaching them about the components of Italian art during the Renaissance. We will be learning about the Renaissance in a lot more detail very soon. sistine-chapel 20180223_103414-m1The main piece of art we studied was the Creation of Adam, part of the remarkable Sistine Chapel ceiling. Today I invited the boys into the Art room to emulate Michelangelo and draw their own version of Adam and God’s hands under their tables. I hope they enjoyed it, it was brilliant to see them do something so unusual. Listening to a classical venetian lute was an added touch. Hope there aren’t any sore necks tomorrow! Bravo! mosy   creation-of-adam   Click here to see the photos

CSI We had a visit from the local Gardaí today who taught the boys about crime scene investigation. They really enjoyed learning about what exactly CSI involves and identifying and packaging evidence at a murder scene! Some of them were in character and no doubt there were excellent questions. Thanks to the Guards for bringing in the props, especially the forensic white suits!   csijames-2 20180222_140651-m1   Click here to see more heinous photos!

Mid-term break Please note, the boys will leave school at 1:30pm tomorrow Friday 2nd February. The school we re-open Monday 19th February. I want to wish my boys a happy and safe mid-term break. Well done to all of you for working so hard the last four weeks. It’s hard to believe how fast the time is going. See you all when you get back! midterm

Table for 26 please! We have been learning about length in Maths and today the boys applied their knowledge of perimeter (and area) to solve a real life problem. I wanted them to connect a mathematical concept to an everyday situation. The task was to create two tables for a feast that would sit exactly 26 guests. The boys had to come up with the largest size table that would perfectly fit 26 and the smallest size table that would also perfectly sit 26. Split into groups, they did rough work and manipulated measurements to create a large, rectangular table and then a long, slender banquet table, both equating to a perimeter of 26. However, the area of both tables was different. So the boys knew that the perimeter of a shape can remain the same, but the area can be different.   medieval%20tablesetup%201   We then went outside to create the tables with our metre tapes. Every metre tape represented a guest’s place mat. I wasn’t just interested to see if they were able to solve the task, but also interested in their ability to articulate their reasoning behind the solution.   20180130_104034-m1

Click here to see the photos.

European Projects At the start of January the boys learned about Europe in Geography. But before we began, we rewound the geological clock by about 300 million years. We studied Pangea, the super-continent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth. Afterwards, the boys had a greater understanding of how Europe came to exist and how all the different countries and cities were formed. When we finished learning about Europe, the boys were given the task to do an individual project on a European country of their choice. They spent two weeks working on it and each pupil presented their project to the class. screenshot_20180128-230130 Their job was to research the country and explore 5-6 different aspects of it. They were free to illustrate it whatever way they liked and I really got to see their individual creativity shine through. They were absolutely brilliant. I am so proud of their hard work and enthusiasm and can’t wait to display them in the hall for the entire school to see. Seeing you complete your projects to such a high standard shows responsibility, passion and effort. Well done on giving your presentations, they were fantastic. I learned so many unique facts about all the different countries. It was a shame they had to be so short. I really enjoyed the Q&A after each project, there were some great questions asked! I am really looking forward to doing more projects, well done boys, super job!   screenshot_20180125-205253 Click here to see the photos.

The Great Debate! Yesterday the boys were split into four teams and were given debate topics. I was really looking forward to their performances. The titles were, ‘Should junk food be banned from schools?’ and ‘Should P.E be part of the school curriculum?’. The boys went home with their topic and prepared their answers for today. As soon as I said, “And begin…”, I was blown away with their enthusiasm and effort. The personalities came out like a force of nature! Slowly but surely the boys got more and more into it and it was absolutely brilliant to watch. I love debates – they are fun, noisy and a great way of airing different points of view. It was great to see the boys speaking with and in front of their peers. I hope the boys enjoyed it and we will definitely do another debate again.   20180126_135037-m1 Click here to see all the photos.

Pupil of the Month The gold cup for January’s pupil of the month is awarded to David Maguire! Congratulations David, you are doing a super job, keep up the awesome work. Well done!

David Maguire

David Maguire

Christmas Wishes I would like to take the opportunity to wish all the boys and parents a happy Christmas and wonderful New Year. I hope the boys have a fantastic, safe and fun break. I can’t believe we have come to the end of our first term! I am so proud of you all, you have been just super. Looking forward to the next term with you already. A very Merry Christmas everyone!   merry-christmas-website

Pupil of the Month Congratulations to Samuel O’Connell who earned the gold cup for pupil of the month for December! A huge well done you, keep up the terrific work. Have a super holiday and see you after the Christmas holidays. Well done Sam!


Samuel O’Connell

Mischief Christmas and a Naughty New Year! I want to say a huge well done to all the boys for their brilliant show, ‘Mischief Christmas and a Naughty New Year!’ last Thursday night, you were all fantastic and I was so proud. I know it was hard due to the Christmas tests taking place at the same time, but you all nailed it and put on a great show, so well done guys! Thank you to Ms. Maguire for taking photos on the night they are super!

James as Bad Santa, Derry as Bad Elf and Rian as Good Santa

James as Bad Santa, Derry as Bad Elf and Rian as Good Santa!

Click here to see the photos.

Pupil of the Month Congratulations to Fionn Clancy who made a special effort in his classwork and behaviour, earning him the gold cup and pupil of the month for November. Well done Fionn!

Fionn Clancy

Fionn Clancy

A Fresh November Welcome back to all the boys after what I hope was a lovely, relaxing and fun-filled midterm break. I hope you are all refreshed, recharged and ready to rock on. We have four weeks until the Christmas tests which will take place the week of the 5th December, so here’s to a really good month! I want to say thank you to all the parents for coming into see me for the parent teacher meetings, as I know it was difficult for some to get the time off. Please be assured your comments and feedback were duly noted and I will act upon them straight away. Thank you for your support and time and it was lovely to meet you all. If anyone has any concerns at any time please do pop in, the door is always open.   7e495f9c90906c04b71b8ccf0f9ad5a1

Midterm break Wishing all my lovely monsters a super, spooky midterm break. We had a ball at the bake fair. I absolutely loved the costumes, they were so unique! A special shout out to Fionn Clancy who won best costume! I hope you have a very enjoyable and safe Halloween and I’m looking forward to seeing you when we get back.   classroom-door Click here to see all the spooky photos!

Pupil of the Month A big congratulations to Ben Conn who won pupil of the month for October! Well done Ben, keep up the super work!


Benjamin Conn

Parent Teacher Meetings

Please note that the 5th class parent teacher meetings will commence the week of Monday 6th November, straight after the Halloween break. A note will more details has been sent home. Please fill in a time that suits you and if you could bring it back in as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated as slots go on a first come first serve basis. I will leave the time sheet on the wall outside the class so booked times can be seen.

I’m looking forward to finally meeting and catching up with you all!



We had great fun learning our 5 times tables as a team. The boys raced as quick as they could to complete the clock with the correct answer. Tensions were high!


Ronan and Charlie racing to get the first sum done!

Click here to see all of the fun!

Pupil of the Month Congratulations to Cillian Britchfield who made a special effort in his classwork and behaviour, earning him the gold cup and pupil of the month for September. Well done Cillian!

Cillian Britchfield

Cillian Britchfield

Science Week The boys had a great afternoon with building power cars! The LEGO series of building sets introduced the boys to robotics and programming, and with that they learned how to build motorised cars in pairs. They built the cars and then tested the different speeds! Thank you again Mr. Agnew for organising such a brilliant week for us.


Thumbs up all around making powercars!

Click here to see the photos.

Famine Drama The boys have been really enjoying learning all about the Great Irish Famine and C19th Ireland as part of their SESE. A special thank you and a huge well done to the boys who went and made their famine costumes! We had a great afternoon embracing being famine peasants (I even joined in on the fun!). The boys really got a sense of what life was like during the famine and wrote some excellent diary entries. Well done everyone!


The Irish peasants from 1845!

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The Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship Tour We had a wonderful morning going into town to North Dock Quay to board the famous Jeanie Johnston Famine Coffin Ship. We have been learning all about the Great Irish Famine at the moment, the boys are very enthusiastic and had a lot of fun! A huge thank you to Mrs. Cooke and Ms. Ohlmus for coming along with us!


All aboard the Jeanie Johnston!

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Welcome Back! A huge welcome back to the boys in form 5.1. I hope you had a lovely summer break. Here’s to a super year!

Welcome back boys!

Welcome back boys!

Activities: Jeannie Johnston


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Donhead Preparatory School from Wimbledon were the visitors to Kenilworth Park on Thursday 17/10/2019. Four competitive matches were played between the two schools, with St. Mary’s winning 3 of the 4 matches.  The boys from Form 5 thoroughly enjoyed playing against Donhead and hope they enjoy the rest of their stay in Dublin.



Please click here to see photographs of the matches.





Garda Andy and Garda Andy paid the class a visit to talk about the danger of fireworks. They also gave the boys advice on how to stay safe over Halloween. It was great to receive a visit from the Community Gardaí and we hope to see them again soon.




On Tuesday, 15th October 5th and 5th class were invited to St. Louis to watch the St. Mary’s/St. Louis performance of the Wizard of Oz. We thoroughly enjoyed the musical and hopefully, a few of this years’ 5th class will be ‘treading the boards’ in the future.


On September 30th we visited the Jeanie Johnston famine ship on Eden Quay and the EPIC museum as part of our history theme, the Great Famine.

Please click here to see photographs of our visit.

Please click here to read a previous report from our visit.

Welcome to the new school year

 Weekly Activities

Monday – After school rugby 2.45pm – 3.45pm

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday – In-school rugby + Music

Thursday – Library + After school rugby 2.45pm – 3.45pm

Friday – P.E.