Here are some frequently asked questions about St . Marys Junior School.

What are the school fess to attend St. Marys?

The fee for St. Marys Junior school is €6,175 per annum and may be paid by Direct Debit.

Do you provide assisted learning??

Yes. Our Junior school operates continuous assessment for all our students. We have the facility to offer in class and out of class learning support.

Do you accept non-Catholics?

We accept boys of all faiths and none, on the understanding that we are a catholic school. We do not have the facility for boys to leave religion lessons however we respect and welcome all.

What are optional after school activities?








Do you play other sports apart from Rugby?

It is important to state here that rugby is our main sport however we are in no way a rugby academy. In our Junior School we pride ourselves on the amount and quality of sports and activities that are available to every boy. Sport for our boys is about participation, friendship and learning the delights and woes of winning and sometimes losing.

What is the male to female teacher ratio?

Class teachers; 3 male: 7 female.

Learning support; 3 female

Games Master; 1 male

P.E; 1 male

Art & Music; 2 female

Is there a Homework Club in the school?

1) We have a stay back facility where boys may go to await collection by their parents until 3.30 each day.

2) Homework Club runs until 6pm each day. This is payable weekly, daily or hourly.

Do you have an anti-bullying policy in this school?

Yes. Every child has the right to feel happy coming to school and no other child or teacher has the right to take that away. We operate an open door policy for parents who may have concerns. Our policy is distributed on the first day of school.

Bullying is repugnant and completely contrary to the ethos of the college and cannot be tolerated.

What does the Junior school curriculum consist of?

We follow the National School Curriculum however we have specialist teachers in the ares of art, music and P.E.

Are Junior School pupils automatically accepted in the Senior School?

Yes, all boys who wish, automatically attend our secondary school.

How do boys settle who join the school later than second class?

Very well, we operate a buddy system where each new boy is looked after until he is confident and happy in his surroundings.