Acceptable Usage Policy for Technology

IMG_4219 (1)Aims of the Policy:

a) The first aim of this policy is to ensure that pupils benefit from the learning opportunities offered by the school’s internet resources. That the use of the school website, class blogs, e-mail correspondence in school and any other on-line activity involving the children is transparent and cleared with parents beforehand.
b) Secondly, that each child understands the parameters around technology use in St. Mary’s Junior School. The rules surrounding the use of personal devices eg: mobile phones, i-pods, game consoles as well as the schools own PC’s and laptops will be made clear to each boy.
c) Thirdly that every child understands the far reaching effects using social media can have, in regards to what they say and images they post on any social media sites.
d) Fourthly that each staff member and parent understands the clear parameters of internet usage in school as well as the use of any social media or internet sites that may affect the image of the school, its staff or parents.

Student’s internet usage:

a) Internet usage by pupils will always be supervised by a teacher.
b) Filtering software is used by the school to minimise the risk of accessing inappropriate material.
c) Students will be provided with instruction in the area of internet usage.
d) Uploading and downloading of non-approved software is not permitted.
e) The use of personal storage devices; memory sticks etc. in school requires the teacher’s permission.
f) Students will treat the school, staff and fellow students with respect at all times and will not undertake any action that may bring the school into disrepute.
g) Students will report any accidental accessing of inappropriate material to a teacher.
h) Students will not copy information into assignments and fail to acknowledge the source.
i) Students may never disclose or publicise private information.
j) All internet usage in school may be monitored for any activity deemed inappropriate by the schools senior management and Code of Conduct.
k) Students will only use e-mail under the direct instruction and supervision of a teacher. Email may only be used in school for academic purposes, as outlined by the teacher.

Internet Chat Rooms and Social Media

a) It is the policy of St. Mary’s College Junior School that no boy should be using a social media site or visiting chat rooms. The use of such websites is strictly forbidden in school and we encourage parents to support the school in this stance.
b) If any boy uses an internet chat room to bring himself, the school, school staff, fellow students or anyone in the school community into disrepute this action will be dealt with as a severe breach of our Code of Conduct.
c) No image of any teacher, staff member of member of the school community can be posted on the internet without that persons express written consent. If a student uses such an image online it is a severe breach of our Code of Conduct.
d) The internet is not a forum for complaints or grievances about the school, staff members or other members of the school community. Any such activity on-line is a severe breach of our Code of Conduct.
e) Any boy who is found to be involved in nuisance behaviour on-line or bullying behaviour of fellow students online will be dealt with by the senior management in school. The boy’s parents will be informed and expected to support the school in our zero tolerance approach to bullying.

Personal Electronic Devices

a) The use of mobile phones in school is only allowable with a teachers express permission.
b) Any electronic device that contains a stills or video camera is banned and not allowed in school or at any school event.
c) Taking photos, videos or in any way recording a teacher, staff member or fellow student at any time is strictly forbidden.
Teachers and Staff Members internet usage
School website and projects
a) The school must have received the written consent from a parent/guardian before taking a child’s photo.
b) The school must have received the written consent from a parent/guardian before using a child’s photo on our school website.
c) Any e-mail or blog that is set up in school for a boy must be done so with a parent’s written consent.
Staffs personal internet use
a) Staff will treat the school, students and fellow staff members with respect at all times and will not undertake any action that may bring the school into disrepute.
b) No staff member may use any recording or photograph of staff taken in school or at a school organised event on their social media page or forward the recording in anyway without the staff member’s written permission.
c) No staff member may publish an image or recording of a student on the internet without the parents/guardians express written permission.
d) Any posting by a staff member online that is deemed to bring that staff member or the school into disrepute will be treated as a gross breach of contract and will be dealt with by the Board of Management.


a) No parent may take photos of students at any school event without the permission of that child’s parents.
b) No parent may photograph or record a member of staff without that person’s permission.
c) The publishing of images online of school events are not allowed by any parent, except if the recording is of their child ONLY.